Good afternoon

Books wow I like books so much 💖 bet you didn't expect a guy like me, Xan, to read.

Favorite musicians

In no particular order. | It's surprising how some of these people are connected! Miracle Musical and Tally Hall member moment... 👀

Youtubers and other content creators

I literally cannot list the hundreds (at least half a thousand) of people I'm subscribed to. Also, some musicians aren't listed here and some YouTubers aren't listed there. | There's more!

Feature films and series I've enjoyed

Randomly put here with bad memory. | When they have Disney+... 😳

Good books that I read

I've read a lot more than these books, but I could only remember a few. | Do you read?

Fun games I've played

Wow, what fun. | weeeeeeeeeeee!

Good evening

You want to visit my website?

Yes, you do: | Made by the person who made this one.

This website was inspired by Spotify

I use Retro Music & YouTube Music instead.
Want to take a look at Retro Music? Swaggy 👀!

Good time to die

uh oh

I think you might've clicked the wrong button...

All of a sudden, silence.You knew you had made a mistake...
But, at what cost?